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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'The Mutha Fawkin' Princess...'

It's been a hot minute, hasn't it?!


I'll bet you all thought that I 
completely abandoned you...


Oh shush,
quit being a homo.

Sorry kiddies for realz,
hath called upon my

No jokin'!

I received an amazing opportunity 
to work with someone near and dear to me,
creating graphics for her new bath and body line.

Very, very exciting indeed.
But I did miss SL...
just a little.

It was weird,
 when the reminiscing came on,
I was watching old cartoons from the 80's
thinking about how great the animation was
back then and thought
 about SL for some strange ass reason...
Don't ask. 
Can't explain it...

guess where my inspiration came from!?
After about a month and some odd so and so's,
I decided to jump back in world
 as I was squirting my creative juices all over the place 
and made these little ditties...

Check 'em.

The My Little Princess Outfits!!!

So colorful!!!
Just like my personality
(depending on which one that is),
I made four!

Cute. Fun. Flirty. Sexy.

Each outfit comes with Princess Top, Short Shorts, 
and awesome Strappy Peep-Toe Boots.

Spoiled brat to the core-ness...

Show it off in these, baby!

You're the mutha fawkin' 

The Earthy Princess

 Tan Leather Strappies for the Earthy Princess.

The WILD! Princess

 Grape Leather Strappies for the WILD Princess.

The Blushing Princess

Baby Pink Leather Strappies for The Blushing Princess. 

The Playful Princess

 And Fuchsia Leather Strappies for The Playful Princess!!

or what?

I don't give a fuck!
...I think they are.
So, there.

But if you DO happen to like them,
here's the link,
 as they are only available on MP...

And if you can't decided which Princess you are,
never fear,
the FATPACK is here!!

Word up peeps...

Don't you fret none.
Evey's got your back
and I'm still around.
But as for now,
back to work!

Talk to you all laterZ.

Peace and Love


Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello yet again, my faithful friends, 
to another installment of my ramblings and raving...

You know,
I've always liked the word "rave"...
Not rave as in a psychedelic party where one would 
trip their balls off,
but for a person to rave.
Did you know that the party term is originally British?
The more you know...
to rave
as a person...


1  [reyv]  Show IPA verb, raved, rav·ing, noun, adjective
verb (used without object)
to talk wildly, as in delirium.
to talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm: She raved about her trip to Europe.
(of wind, water, storms, etc.) to make a wild or furious soundrage.
verb (used with object)
to utter as if in madness.

Thank you dictionary.com !

I'm all about the education.

I would say my raving tends to fall under the first placement...
 this comes as a given when 
diagnosed with Psychosis.
It's a wonderful life...

In my free time,
I tend to think of the most ridiculous shit.
Things a twelve year old would think...

Perhaps for a creative mind...

I mean,
isn't it true that in the mind of a child,
anything is possible?

So check this...
What if I were really a super hero?
And what if I were to unleash my super powers?
We all have them, 
don't we?

((Fade in sequence, flashback...))

I tell you this...
In confidence of course.

I devised the perfect scheme.


I overheard the wealthiest family in Second Life
speaking of a collection of rare jewels
that have potential powers to their barer. 

These family jewels, 
are locked away in a very hidden
and exclusive vault where the coordinates
are only accessible to that of the inner circle.

I captured, bound, and tortured
the lowest of the chain,
demanding to know how to breach security.
He confessed
and I proceeded as planned.

It posed no challenge,
because I have super powers and shit...

With a little of this and a little of that,
it was in the bag...

Carefully making my way back through security
from whence I came,
piece of cake... 

I was home free to make the delivery.

I hopped on my bike and sped off...
Those fools never even knew I was there.

I arrived back at my hideout and
erased the memories of my prisoner,
releasing him back into the Second World...
He has no fuckin' clue, 

The perfect crime.

Here they are...
The rarest gems known to avatar-kind,
'The Mystic Essence Series'...
And I bring them to you.

Meet me here and follow the instructions...

You'll have your prize.

Whether you're a golden girl or silver,
each gift set includes both.
Two necklaces and matching earrings in gold and silver.

Gems available in Amethyst, Diamond, Fire Opal, 
Opal, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby and Sapphire.

Only @ E.C. MP.

SuPeR FreAkZ!

Mwah. <3

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Well, well.
Here we are again...
I always seem to make my way back 
to this fantastical world
of action, drama, and suspense.
And in my departure from last we "met",
there was plenty as I went through a rather timely 
phase of self-destruction.

Not to say that I'm finished "phasing",
but I think this time around 
I've lost a rather large piece of the person 
I used to be...

(Not even sure if I know 
"Her" anymore, 
nor would I recognize her.)

As for now,
I continue to be a ticking time bomb
with no defuse.

I think this time, things have gone a bit too far
and emptiness has consumed me.

To make the same mistakes over and over again,
one should be able to learn their lessons.
But to create new ones,
especially in the stage of life 
I'm in with no answers...
Seems pretty bleak to say the least.

Every step that I have ever taken in life
has been done with passion...
Passion being an intense feeling,
I believe has now festered into 
forms of rage, confusion, and seclusion 
against all that I once knew.

Nothing makes sense anymore
and all seems somewhat pointless...
Pretty sad, heh.
Perhaps I've just reached my midlife crisis stage.
Fuck knows.

But, yes.
Back again seeking the familiar
I suppose.

Seemed to fit before...
Thought it was something 
I had a knack for,
but ultimately 
(and true to form as per my mental),
it's what destroyed me...

Passion is a bitch...

So this round,
is on my terms.
My watch...
When I feel like it.

Just so happens,
I did today.

I finally got around to posting 
my violins on the market place!

How long has it been?

At any rate,
if there's anything that I've learned
from attempting to mass produce products 
in timely fashions,
is that this whole SL
process has made me really appreciate the efforts 
creators put into their work.

First: Make the item.
Second: Market the item via design and web.

Simple steps?
Oh, fuck no...

I probably have one of the slowest computers
known to man.
Any slower,
and you could say that I'm practically on dial-up...

"Mommy? What's dial-up?"

"Well, back when cavemen created technology..."


to be completely original in 
a world of thousands that are trying to do the same?
Good luck.

Case and point...
I credit anyone that understands 
the entire process and 
tries to make a little somethin', somethin'.

Over all,
it should be something you love to do
and not consume you...
as it once did me.

But as per usual,
I digress.

Here we go.
I'm back...
I'm here and there...
I'm posting new items on MP
when I can.

And the new wave starts with
'The Violence-N-Us Series' (7 in all)
now available for purchase on MP.

The name seems apropos
to start things off...
Perhaps timing 
IS in fact


Laters peeps.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'End of the Road...'

A decrepit and weathered caravan jingles abruptly
 as it seems to cease its long journey.

 Descending from an ominous woodland, 
the cloaked driver peers out into a glade near a small village.

 His lips, dry and cracked, 
curl deceitfully as he feels the beating light 
at his back sending flickering waves across
 the top of the darkness that clothes him. 

With a flick of the reigns 
he notions his black steed to the middle of the clearing.

The Villagers rush to find out what all the commotion is about,
surrounding this strange and unusual sight.

The whispers from behind the unidentified figure
 begin to grow louder as the creaking cab
 seat is emptied and his feet hit the ground. 

His bony fingers lift and drag with slight pressure against the hood 
creating an etching sound with his finger nails
 to the cloth of the covered wagon. 

He speaks in a haunting tone, slow, and intentional. 

"I bring to the peasants, 
a gift through time and spaces unknown unto you all." 

And with one single jerk upon the tattered cloth, 
it comes floating down to the ground.

The crowd gasps in shock...

It was a woman.


Monday, October 8, 2012

'Bustin' Out..."

Yo, yo, yo's!

...Go up and down.

this morning.

I logged into SL and my entire
inventory was gone.

But luckily,
I have friends that aren't as noobish 
as I can be when I'm dead ass tired
 and they informed me
that I needed to clear my cache...

So yeah,
if that happens to you...
Don't panic
like I do.
Just clear your cache.

When I thought I had lost everything,
I freaked because I wasn't sure
I'd be able to drop this new get up for you!

But now that my inventory is back,
I'll be throwing this little ditty on the racks today
for cheapies.

Presenting the latest outfit::..
E+HeR3@L (hA0s::.. Jail Bait

A cute little jail bird outfit,
because I know everyone will be looking for Halloween
costumes that are different from the angel, devil, blah blah etc.
that you always see.
Right awn,
for muh hipsters rockin'
all those happenin' parties out there!

Price is right y'all.

Here's a little bit of a closer look at what you'll receive::..

(Full outfit comes with everything mentioned in the ad)

(It's booty time... Don't drop the soap!)

(The ciggy is scripted and puffs smoke)

(Slick Belt)

(Before: No Bruise Tattoo)

(After: Tattoo Layer: Bruise with Red Lipstick)

Ya dig the handcuff necklace too?


Lock her up!
She's a heart-breaker!

Jail Bait will be available 
later today at E.C.

Until we meet again,
birds and dawgs...



It's bed time for me...
*Passes out cold*

Saturday, October 6, 2012

'On the Hunt..."

Wut up all you crazy cats?
Dropping some pretty exciting news
on you all this round.

Your girl here just made her first 
SL Hunt!

That's right.

Creative Angel Hunts
Dreams Come True

The hunt will run from October 18th-31st
and here's a little sneaky peeky  at what I'm gifting.

Your #49 stop at E+HeR3@L (hA0s ::...

Pretty sweet looking  if you ask me!
The hunt is all fantasy based, 
which I absolutely adore.
You all KNOW
I had to apply for this hunt!

Considering the season,
I mixed a little bit of fantasy 
with that little kick of Halloween,
since the hunt runs until the 31st...
Booyah, there she is!

The Neo Shadow Witch from E+HeR3@L (hA0s!

I really hope you all dig it,
because I really had fun making it.

The CAH::.. NSW giftie includes:

Hood, Cape, Corset, Skirt, Gloves,
Stockings, Boots, Spiked Wrist Cuffs
and Magical Staff!

Other up and coming hunts include,
2 more hunts by CAH, 
and come November
The Winter Is Coming Hunt
with creations by yours truly.
Get ready to mark your calendars!

That's not all though...
Did you know that there are only 
three more days until Cast Masters #5??

Calling all you fisher folk out there!
You wanna know what you'll be fishing for at E.C.?

Here she is...

Your E+HeR3@L (hAos::..Candy Corn Kitty Prize!

Items to fish for include::..
Skin, Eyes, Ears, Whiskers, Claws, Tail,
Collar, Corset, Skirt, Gloves, Stockings, Panties
and Boots!
(18 items in all!)

Are you stoked?!
I know I am.

See y'all there!

P.S. Hunters::..

For even MORE hunt info
and free gifties from E+HeR3@L (hA0s,
Keep an eye on Pandora's page::...

She has some amazing things in the bag as well!

Until next time...
Peace, Love, and Chaos

Happy Hunting!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

'Calling All Ye Bloggers!'

Hello there my Fellow (hAotics!

[E+HeR3@L (hA0s] is now accepting entries for our 'Passion for Fashion Blog Off Contest'!!!

We are currently seeking avid bloggers to showcase here at our shop and on our webpages.

The winners will receive a sponsorship from [E+HeR3@L (hA0s] including being featured on PandoraPithos and Evelynn Kingsley's blogs for E.C., a blogger location on E.C. walls for fellow customers to click on and receive your blogger information IN-WORLD, FREE ITMES of your CHOICE from our shop to blog about, and a time slot photo session with a special guest photographer renowned to SECOND LIFE for a special feature blog all about you and what it is you LOVE to do!

Talk about NETWORKING, eh?!

To enter,
hop over to the E.C. Shop in-world and submit your entry.
The promotion sign will be located to your immediate left.

where the winners will be contacted and gifted a special 

That's right!

You and a chosen few will be the very first to own this premiere item::...

[E+HeR3@L (hA0s] TANGLED!::.. 

Just in time for that Halloween Gala! 
 NO ONE will have this outfit 
except for our winners!

Simple as pie.

Please drop all entries in the
 Mailbox located at the E.C. grounds
and you're good to go.

E+HeR3@L (hA0s (Landing Point)

Remember your key words...

Take care and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!

Peace, Love and (hA0s
my babies!

Respectfully yours,
Evelynn Kingsely